Thru all these years pt. syabata cemerlang has been successfully show
the quality of the works to each one of its clients.
Professionalism, creativity and service have been
the key of our success in the business.

 pre production, design and production an ob van (outside broadcast van)
and branding car website design event creative, event management and
event production event organiser and professional conference organiser
exhibition regional, national and international

“to light up the Indonesian entertainment industry with more attractive and innovative presentation.”

 Hermawan Kartajaya
(Pakar Marketing)

“Keberhasilan Pasar Malam Indonesia justru karena strategi yang tepat, yaitu menyajikan segala sesuatu yang otentik : produk, makanan dan seni-budaya asli Indonesia”

the vision of our company is to strive “the borderless smart business”,
our multidiscipline professional team aims to provide fully cost
effective solutions to our clients and business partner.”

 – maintaining the highest quality of people
– protecting and building our company’s brand
– growing profitable new business with line extension, new products, geographic expansion, joint venture, acquisition and strategic alliance
– maximising productivity and synergy in all businesses at all time
– making total quality management in a reality of our daily operation


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